Advantages and disadvantages of Henze odds

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The biggest advantage of Henze bets is that you place bets at low odds. Therefore, the chances of you losing that bet are statistically low. As I said, you never know if something will happen that will lead to the other opponent winning, or that, for example, a football match will end in a draw. Betting on sports is never one hundred percent predictable, and although we have said it several times, it is very important to emphasize it again and again.

While the low sports betting can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage. There are people who see it as a disadvantage that the biggest gains will probably not come out of the Henze strategy. At least not in the beginning. Therefore, continuing to follow this strategy requires a certain amount of patience. Some people will argue that it is better to focus on higher odds as you can potentially get a bigger win. It ultimately comes down to what suits you best. Before you decide whether you want to follow this strategy with your next game, you can read about the Martingale in the next section.

Martingale vs Henze strategy

Martingale vs Henze strategy

There are many different odds systems, and one of the most popular is the so-called Martingale odds system, another popular choice for online betting. This system is also known as the casino system, as it is primarily used for roulette, but you can also use it for betting. Instead of reviewing the Martingale system, we dive straight into a comparison so you can see which system is best.


It requires a certain patience and being able to keep a cool head.

You must be able to withstand losing several times in a row.

You cannot be sure that you will win on your bets.


Lower risk compared to the Henze strategy.

If you tend to panic in connection with large or small losses, it may be better to play with Henze odds.

The biggest difference is therefore that there are lower risks associated with betting with Henze than with the Martingale tactic. That is why there are many who prefer to play with Henze rather than Martingale.h

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