How To Progress In Sports Betting With Simple Tips

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Many fans start playing in online betting or totalizator for the thrill, the financial aspect is secondary for them, and they do not wonder how to learn how to bet on sports. Others, having received a good additional income, wonder how to learn how to bet on sports, to win more often and more. Finally, there are people for whom betting is the main source of income, and quite solid.

However,  not knowing how to correctly bet on sports, instead of the expected profit, you can easily part with your own savings. Here are several practical tips to help you progress in betting (and it doesn’t matter whether you use land-based bookmakers or the virtual ones like 22Bet!) 

  1. Develop self-discipline and willpower. 

It’s a difficult and time-consuming process, but no one demands quick results from you. Start with the little things. Every night, create a to-do list for the next day and put a checkbox next to each item. Your job is to complete all your errands and tick all the boxes. If you couldn’t do something, it means you’re either bad at executing your orders or bad at planning. Either way you will immediately see your weaknesses and begin to correct them.

  1. Make a diary, where you write down everything that comes into your head during betting. Why you bet on this match, why this team should win, and so on. Write down anything that might be useful for further introspection.
  2. Reject someone else’s predictions and all sorts of expert opinions. Decisions should be made solely by yourself.
  3. Set up an event probability for each bet and then check the odds ratio table (see below). This will help you better understand the profitability of your bets in the long run. For example, you believe Team 1 has a 60% probability of winning. Would you be willing to bet at odds of 1.6? If so, you will eventually find yourself bankrupt. If you study the table carefully, you will see that in such a situation, you should bet on odds of 1.66 or higher, taking into account the prediction error, which every player should roughly understand, thanks to the keeping of statistics.
  4. Rest. Plan in advance the days in which you should exclude all thoughts of betting. Remember that if you don’t take a vacation from betting, the bets will take a vacation from you.
  5. Save this chart and always check it to understand the profitability of your bets (picture enlarges by clicking. 

Betting is a painstaking job that requires deep specific knowledge. Even if you, by virtue of your professional activity or thanks to a hobby, are thoroughly versed in a certain sport, it does not mean that you know how to bet on sports. As a bettor you need to have a good understanding of the rules of the game or competition (for example, that in volleyball sets are played to 25 points and there are no draws), understand what factors can affect the outcome of a sporting event, be able to work with numbers and other statistical information and make predictions, use accurate forecasts from experts and know what bets exist in different sports and how they are indicated. 

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