The biggest aggravations for players

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1. The bonuses will be smaller

Not everything is in favor of the players in the new rules. I I Order on online casinos §29 subsection 2 it says:

A sales promotion measure must not have a value or average value of more than DKK 1,000.

This means that welcome bonuses of DKK 10,000 are over – from now on, no bonus may exceed DKK 1,000.

Even without this rule, however, the bonuses would probably have been smaller due to the rule that the playthrough requirement must be no more than 10 times the deposit and bonus. The casinos have offered the high bonuses because you could combine that with high playthrough requirements of 30-40 times the bonus which meant most players would lose their bonuses. Without these playthrough requirements, the math looks different for the casino, and it probably won’t pay for them to offer similarly high bonuses.

2. There will be fewer casinos to choose from

fewer casinos

This has not so much to do with the change in the law on 1 January 2020, but rather the increase in tax from 20% to 28% from 1 January 2021. There will hardly be any way to pass this cost on to the players, so the higher tax will be paid directly from the casinos bottom line. It will make it less attractive to open in Denmark for new casinos, and casinos that are already having problems making money in Denmark will probably advance the decision to close down even before we approach 2021. In recent days, 777 .dk and Jetbull shut down in Denmark, while Betsafe has announced that they will close in January. It probably has nothing to do with the tax increase, but it is not impossible that the news has brought the decision forward. Update: Jetbull has announced that they will reopen as soon as possible under a different license.

For the players, fewer casinos mean less competition, and thus less competition for customers, which in turn results in less attractive bonus offers. On the other hand, there is a good chance that the best casinos will remain, while some of the more questionable ones will leave the market.

3. The bonuses are getting smaller, part 2

bonuses are getting smaller

The tax increase from 20% to 28% from 1 January 2012 also has a direct effect on the size of the bonuses, because the casinos have to pay tax on the bonuses. The bonuses are included in the gross gambling income and are taxed on an equal footing with payments from the casinos. This means that if you deposit DKK 100, get a DKK 100 bonus and subsequently lose it all, the casino must pay tax on the DKK 200 and not just on the DKK 100 that you deposited. In this case, the tax will therefore increase from DKK 40 to DKK 56, and the casino therefore only has DKK 44 left from your deposit of DKK 100 to pay its expenses, as well as to pay the players who won with their deposit and /or bonus. In the same way, in future it will cost DKK 280 in tax to hand out a bonus of DKK 1,000 instead of the DKK 200 it costs now. This increased expense will no doubt cause the casinos to offer smaller bonuses.

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