Play bingo and slot machines with a 100% welcome bonus at Tombola

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They call themselves “Denmark’s nicest bingo site”, and there can be something to talk about: At Tombola, the conversation is lively in their Danish chat, which you will find next to the bingo boards. And it’s no accident: both Tombola and their players do everything to make the site pleasant and fun: there are chat moderators who ensure that the tone is good in the chat, and the effort to play in both bingo and on the slot machines is ongoing a level where everyone can participate: From DKK 1 for a bingo board and 50 øre for a spin.

100% bonus for both bingo and slot machines

Your 100% welcome bonus of between DKK 100 and 500 can be used both for bingo and for their small selection of slot machines or mini games. It is not the biggest bonus in Denmark, but with their low stake level, the bonus goes a long way.

Tombola does not have a traditional playthrough requirement for the bonus, but the bonus can only be used when and if you lose your own money. In return, you can withdraw your “real” money and winnings at any time. And all winnings from games with the bonus are real money and can also be withdrawn whenever you want. You can read more about how the bonus works at the bottom of the article.

Meet “The Beer Belly” and “The Fishwife”

The Beer Belly

The social aspect is paramount at Tombola. Although Tombola started in England, you play exclusively with Danish players when you play on their Danish side, and therefore the chat is also 100% in Danish. This means that there is plenty of fun in the chat, which you will find right next to bingo boards. Here you can have a chat with the Beer Belly, the Tax Administration, Blomstermormor or some of the many other colorful players who have come up with Tombola. You can turn on auto-marking so you don’t miss a bingo even if you’re engrossed in a chat conversation. Tombola has employed a number of Danish chat moderators in their office in Copenhagen, who ensure a good tone in the chat, and who can also surprise with campaigns and extra prizes from time to time.

In addition to bingo, you can also play on a small selection of small slot machines that you only find at Tombola, e.g. Kon-tiki and Gold Rush. Your welcome bonus can be used both for bingo boards and slot machines.

Promotions on Tombola

There are lots of activities at Tombola, which give you extra chances of winning at selected times. In January there are e.g. DKK 5,000 for a full plate in the game, which starts every evening at 21:00, and from 20:00 and until 21:00 there is DKK 1,500 in top prize on all games.

The raffle is also running a birthday promotion right now with lots of bonus prizes.

You have access to Tombola’s campaign page once you have created an account. You can also keep an eye on the chat and on their Facebook page, where something is always happening.

Safe game

If you are one of those who cannot find excitement in a game without having 50 DKK or more at stake per spin, Tombola is not the place for you, because it is not possible to bet more than a 10 in their slot machines.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who sometimes bet DKK 50 per spin, but who can’t really afford it, Tombola might just be the place for you, because it’s much harder to lose money quickly here than it can be at other casinos. Tombola has simply made a decision that it is fun that is paramount on their gaming site, and therefore there is no possibility to bet very high amounts or buy unimaginable quantities of bingo plates. This means that you win more frequently, but that the prizes are not quite as high as they are elsewhere. But it’s much easier to control your game because you don’t have the opportunity to turn up the stakes all the way.

Tombola naturally also has the same options to set limits on its losses per day, week or month, just like other Danish casinos, and you can take a cooling-off period at any time if it starts to use a little too much of your money or too much of your time.

Bonus without playthrough requirements

Bonus without playthrough requirements

The bonus on Tombola is in one way simple, as there is no playthrough requirement and you therefore do not have to count how much you have now played for, and in another way complicated, as it works differently to most other casinos. The rules for the bonus are as follows:

  • The bonus cannot be withdrawn – you can only use it to play for
  • You can only play for the bonus when you have no more “real money” in your account’
  • All winnings from games with the bonus are real money (and can be withdrawn)

You keep your bonus as long as you leave as much “real money” in the account as there is bonus, but you lose the bonus if you withdraw all your money.

If you deposit DKK 500 in Tombola, you will therefore get DKK 500 in bonus. You start using this bonus when you have lost all your own money. Everything you win with the bonus is real money, so the bonus gives you a good chance to win your money back.

If, on the other hand, you start by winning money, you can withdraw all your winnings at any time without losing your bonus if you leave your initial deposit of DKK 500 in the account. You can also choose to withdraw both winnings and your deposit, but in that case you lose your bonus.

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