WSUS Reporting with Powershell Part 2

Edit: Find the complete script here.

In my previous post I provided the basics of connecting to WSUS with PowerShell and making a few basic queries that will be used in a WSUS reporting script.  This is the second post about WSUS reporting and covers how to query a group in WSUS and provide a summary of computers that need updates from the most recent synchronization.

This script will provide an output in PowerShell but it is intended to be used in conjunction with an email alert.  The report has a very nice feature that takes the needed updates and converts them into a hyperlink with the text being the KB article number.

The result of the $SummaryStatus variable with the select-object filters above results in the following:

WSUS Reporting

The final section of this series involves filtering the returned data a little further and then using some HTML formatting to send an acceptable looking report.

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