The Importance of PowerShell Training

It is hard to argue that the based of knowledge created around PowerShell over the years has been something of a grass roots movement.  Don Jones, a well known author and expert on PowerShell, recently wrote an article for Redmond Magazine aimed at the IT decision maker.  He states the importance of Powershell training and that professional training for administrators is a must-have.  Even though the article is geared towards the IT decision maker within an organization,  there are some obvious take aways for the IT professional.  The point of the article, in his own words, of course is the following:

The moral of the story, of course, is to get your people trained.

He takes it a bit further by saying:

Find your best and brightest, the ones who can become your Automation Makers….You don’t need to train the entire team; the enterprise pattern is shaping up as having a relatively small number of bright, adaptable IT folks taking on the role of PowerShell Wrangler.

What can you do?

But as the IT Professional what can you do to improve your knowledge of PowerShell and become on of those PowerShell wranglers?

Microsoft does not provide a certification path to validate an individuals knowledge of PowerShell.  Probably the best thing that an IT professional can do is to get formal Powershell training paid for by your organization.  That sounds great but what if your organization doesn’t routinely provide training resources?

The next best thing that you can do is to obtain some books on the subject.  Oddly enough, documentation on Microsoft’s website is a bit lacking on the subject (please correct me in the the comments if you disagree).  Another avenue is to work towards contributing to the community and receiving feedback on your automation tools.

I’ve put together a page of learning resources that should help any IT professional in a search for information or PowerShell training.

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